Using Interactive Whiteboards in Toronto's Workplace

Interactive Whiteboards: Toronto

One of the most exciting communications tools for business is the "SMART” board, or interactive whiteboard. IWBs, as they're known, have become popular in classrooms, newsrooms, training rooms, and especially in corporate boardrooms and working groups.
Today's business must maintain global connections to thrive. Employees, clients, or board members may be in different parts of the province, country, or world. An interactive white board can give your organization the best opportunity to accelerate collaboration – whether all the participants are gathered in your company's boardroom or whether it's a multi-location meeting with stakeholders connected via videoconferencing.
The latest SMART boards connect to computers in order to share data and files with all participants. Everyone involved in the meeting can see, hear, and annotate documents in real time, no matter where they may be located. Interactive whiteboards allow for all meeting members to fully participate. After everyone's changes have been made to a file, or the group has created a new document, it's easy to mail a single version to everyone. Fans and interactive white board users often speak of the "magic” of the SMART board!

Integrated Approach

Of course, the interactive white board must be closely integrated with the applications that participants use on a day-to-day basis. This will ensure a level of comfort with the technology that makes innovative thinking and strategic collaboration possible.
Not only should your IWB be integrated with existing technology, but all of your company's communications tools should be integrated, from IT to telephony to videoconferencing. The best way to ensure that your company's communication is maximized is to consult with a firm specializing in collaborative communication solutions.
Top Toronto firms specializing in collaborative technology can analyze your company's unique needs and work with you to develop a highly connected environment. Experts will assess the context, and consider every aspect of your communications system. These specialists can make recommendations about everything from the lighting in your presentation rooms to the type of videoconferencing technology you need. Current connective tools include everything from software such as Microsoft Lync to handheld devices that enable participants from remote locations such as overseas plants or offshore oil rigs to join the meeting.

Benefits of Collaborative Technology

There are many bottom line advantages to maximizing your company's ability to communicate. The most obvious is significant savings on travel costs. Not only will you save money on flights and hotel accommodation, but also employee "down time” during travel will be converted to productive work time.
Other less evident benefits include the fact that effective and frequent communication fosters an atmosphere of innovation. Increased creativity and innovation will give your company an edge in today's challenging business climate. As well, employees find using collaborative technology helpful. Less travel time can help an employee balance home and work life, for example. Superior communication tools can allow personnel to "telecommute,” an attractive option for many people.
Consider updating your company's communications system, and discover the rewards that effective, collaborative technology can bring!
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